About WatchAid

The idea behind WatchAid is simple : Tell us what TV shows you like and we will tell you when a new episode is available to stream and where to stream it.

We created WatchAid out of frustration for not having a central place, especially on the Apple TV where to follow all our favorite TV shows. 

This becomes especially true if you decide to streamline your TV setup and use your Apple TV as the main gateway for your TV consumptions.

We realized that such an application would actually also make a lot of sense on your phone or tablet because most often you don't seat in the living-room to watch a TV show. The technology allow you to do that from your portable devices.

WatchAid doesn't do any of the streaming. When it's possible, we redirect you to external services that will stream the show. Sometime it's not possible : External application doesn't always allow for such links. We try to keep on top of things and as new applications emerge or new versions become available we will update WatchAid.

WatchAid doesn't pretend to be a TV guide, our upcoming section rely on external services and user submissions. It can take extra days for a show to become available on streaming, or not become available at all.

WatchAid is not a catalogue of shows and episodes. Our main focus is episodes newly available for airing shows. Sometime we may have a backlog of episodes for a show and we try to add more, but there are better services for that.

WatchAid is operated by passionate developers that invests their free time on it. We rely on user feedback to maintain and fix the WatchAid data. So do not hesitate to report any mistakes in the app. Use the report button (!) or the "Send Feedback button" in the setting screen ⚙.

We always appreciate your contributions, would it be spotting errors, making a donation (help pays for the hosting and bandwidth), buying shows on iTunes through our links or simply posting a five stars review on the App Store.

We hope you will like WatchAid. With your help, we will keep improving it.