How-to: Talk to Alexa (Amazon Echo)

The WatchAid skill for Alexa was released as a pet project. It should be pretty reliable at telling you which new episodes are available for you. For the rest results may vary.

To install the Alexa skill on your Amazon Echo, open the Alexa app on your iPhone, go to Skills menu and search for WatchAid, then click on Enable.

To connect your WatchAid skill to your WatchAid account, open the WatchAid app on your iPhone, go to Setting and click the Amazon Alexa menu, point your phone speakers toward your Amazon Echo and click on "Tell Alexa to connect to WatchAid".

As a stand-alone skill you can ask when the next episode of a show is airing. Ask WatchAid "When is Jimmy Fallon on?" or "When is Orange Is The New Black airing?".

When you connect the WatchAid skill with your WatchAid iOS device you can ask Alexa for newly available shows. You can also ask for programs on a specific day of the week : Ask WatchAid "What's available?" or "What's airing tonight?".

Other examples:

"Alexa, ask Watch Aid when is the next The Walking Dead?"

"Alexa, ask Watch Aid what show is on next Monday?"

"Alexa, ask Watch Aid what's new?"