Understand Service Badges

Service Badge provide you with links to streaming applications, it consist of 3 elements, understanding those elements are important.

1. The service name - Center logo.
2. Access level - Upper right :
  • SUB: This service requires a subscription (Hulu, Netflix, HBO, ...),
  • CABLE: This service requires a cable subscription (most channels),
  • FREE: You can watch this episode for free (usually ads supported),
  • $X.XX: You can purchase this episode individually (iTunes). 
3. Link type - Bellow the badge :
  • Play: Direct link to play the video,
  • Open: Direct link to the episode or show screen in the service application,
  • Launch: Will launch the service application without direct link to the episode,
  • Install: Links to the app store to install the service application,
  • AppStore: Link thought the App Store, when we don't have a link for this service,
  • AirPlay:  (Apple TV only) Sends a link to your Mobile Device.
  • Stream: Play in-app from the Web