1.3 - 11/8/2016

You asked for it, we deliver, you can now mark a full show as unwatched: Just select the oldest episode you haven't watched and it prompts to unwatch the rest of it: this works both ways.

Unqueue old shows, with the new "Enqueue Episodes" button on the Show screen.

Note: There is a hard limit of 100 unwatched episodes per show.

New services: truTV, CMT, TravelChannel, Thirteen Explorer, Acorn TV, Tastemade

New feedback loop, when you report an issue with the app we now can reach back you to say "Thanks!".

Support Conversation screen new design.

New background image for the Apple TV app.

Bug fixes: Fix color issues with support screen (iOS),  Fix some focus issue with remote control navigation (tvOS) - Fix issue with the expiration date of the Facebook token - Fix issue with last week of the year date display - Fix Issue with the "No Episode" screen (tvOS) - Fix scheme for BBC America.